A buried fishing village

A buried fishing village full of frescos

Herculaneum was a small fishing village but it now underneath the town of Ercolano on the outskirts of Naples.

We took the local coastal train from Sorrento to Ercolano which wasn’t far and easy to locate from the train station. It’s amazing how so much of it has survived with quite a few vibrant frescos to see and even some two story buildings. It’s a much smaller place to walk around than Pompeii but it still packs a punch on the wow scale. There’s even the remnants of a harbour where many of the villagers sheltered from the eruption back in A.D 79.

It’s surprising to think that this fishing village was on the coast of Italy but is now quite far in land. It was rediscovered in 1738 by workmen who were digging foundations of a summer palace for the King of Naples.

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