Aurora Borealis


Below are a few photos from our amazing time in Iceland



They say one of the best places to see an Aurora is in Iceland.

We certainly wasn’t disappointed with an unbelievable light show lasting about an hour while based at Hotel Ranga which is approximately 2 hours from Reykjavik.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is created by solar particles entering the Earths atmosphere and colliding with the different gases around the magnetic poles. The most common aurora colours are yellow/green which are created by the particles colliding with oxygen. Red is created by particles colliding with high altitude oxygen and blue is created when the particles collide with nitrogen.

It was one of our holiday highlights.

Places to visit

Hotel Ranga


Highlights we experienced

Hotel Ranga’s Observatory


Be mindful of…

The elusive aurora’s can appear and disappear quickly so when it is visible make sure you make the most of it.


Hotel Ranga

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