Iceland – Rock formations

Icelandic Rock Formations

Below are a few photos of our time in Iceland

Icelands Rock Formations

Iceland maybe famous for volcanos and glaciers but there are also some amazing rock formations. From basalt columns to lava tunnels.



Dimmuborgir is one of Iceland’s most popular places to visit.

Dimmuborgir is a large area of various volcanic caves and rock formations east of Mývatn in Iceland.

The Lava Tunnel

The Lava tunnel is situated 30 minutes from Reykjavík. Walk along the path of the lava flow while viewing the breathtakingly beautiful colours of the rocks. Sometimes in winter, ice sculptures are formed inside the entrance to the cave system.



Hvitserkur, or also known as the Troll of Northwest Iceland, is a 15m tall basalt rock stack protruding from Húnaflói Bay.



Hljóðaklettar, or ‘echo rocks’ are an area of basalt columns lying in various directions to create unique formations and arched caves that are known to create eerie echoes and reverberations.

Highlights we experienced

Ice lakes



Be mindful of…

The weather can change quite quickly, make sure you layer your clothes.

Food in Iceland is very expensive – make sure you plan for this.

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