New York

Below are a few photos from our amazing time in New York

New York is such an amazing city.

To see all the famous landmarks and buildings is so exciting it’s difficult to take it all in. You can see many people walking along with their eyes to the sky in wonder at all the skyscrapers. There’s not other city quite like it and it’s hard not to fall in love with this place.

It’s such a large city that a certain amount of planning is required, not only so you don’t have blisters all over your feet and aching legs but so you get to see all the places you want at the right time as there can be a lot of queues.

We wanted to take a sunset shot of Downtown from the Rockefeller Center but by the time we had paid for our tickets and queued at our allotted time we had missed the sunset. We did get some great night shots though.

New Yorkers love their city. It shows in how clean they keep their city and how they are willing to help and advise you on the best things to do and see.

I’d love to go back there – if only to get that sunset shot from the top of the Rock.

Highlights we experienced

Standing at the top of the Empire State Building and seeing the view.

Going up the Rockefeller Centre and see the view with the Empire State Building.

Visiting a diner for breakfast (just like in the movies).

Taking the ferry ride and seeing the Statue of Liberty up close.



Be mindful of…

New York is huge. No, it really is. So it takes a while to get around. Be prepared to do a lot of walking and being on your feet for many hours.

The metro can be confusing, don’t panic, just read the signs carefully.

Eating in a restaurant can be expensive, we made sure we had a big breakfast to keep us going for most of the day.


Times Square

Statue of Liberty

Wall Street

Empire Statue Building

Rockefeller Centre

Brooklyn Bridge

Grand Central Terminal

Central Park


American Museum of Natural History

All images of New York are copyright of PBKphotos 2013

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