Below are a few photos of our time in Pisa

Pisa and it’s world famous leaning tower

The Square of Miracles has been an UNESCO world heritage site for over 25 years. It holds the leaning tower, the cathedral and the baptistery complex.

The tower was originally designed as a bell tower for the cathedral. The tower was built on a ground of clay which after 5 floors started to create a slight lean. The construction was put on hold for 100 years in the hope that the ground would compact and stabilize, however once construction started again with the addition of four more floors the tower began to lean more. Another floor was added and then the bell tower to complete the structure but then it was left. In 1964 the lean was temporarily stabilized using lead weights. In 1990 it was closed to start proper construction work to stop the tower leaning further. It was reopened in 2001.

The baptistery is the largest in Italy and made out of marble. It is taller than the tower even though it also has a slight lean.

The cathedral is also made of marble and designed in a Cruciform shape.

Highlights we experienced

The Pisa complex

Be mindful of…

The crowds

Going up the tower

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