The eternal city of Rome

A city bursting with culture, Rome is a very special place. It’s hard to imagine that a city could exist for thousands of years. There is a wealth of history and architecture in just this one place. It makes you feel humble and privileged to be able to see all this.

There’s so much Roman history around the city that it’s amazing it still survives. There is the famous Coliseum which next door to the impressive forum complex. Trojan’s market and column is not far way with a fascinating inside to everyday life. There are many renaissance palazzos and modern-day monument including the one to Vittorio Emmanuelle.

Don’t forget the city within a city. The Vatican is not only a working complex it’s also a museum with many opulent exhibits to view including the works of Michelangelo and Raphael. You can easily spend a day here wondering the long corridors that are covered with such opulence it’s hard to take it all in.

As you would expect, the Italian cuisine is amazing. The Italian’s certainly love their food and their food heritage.

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