Below are a few photos of Loughborough

Loughborough has some hidden treasures.

We decided to venture out one cold October morning. Our walk took us along a section of the Grand Union canal in Loughborough. The sun was just coming up, the ground was frosty and it was so cold our hands were shaking as we tried to take some photos.

It’s amazing what you can find on your doorstep. We love exploring and coming across the canal so close to home was a great find. Plus like all great walks, there are a number of great pubs at the end of this canal to entice you along, especially on a cold morning.

There are some great places to visit around Loughborough including Beacon Hill which was the site of a 3,000 year old Bronze Age hill fort. Many of the craggy rocks in Charnwood Forest are of volcanic origin and are very old, dating back to around 600 million years to the Precambrian times. It was the site of the first ever recorded discovery of Charniamasoni, the earliest known large, complex fossilised species on record.

Bradgate Park which was originally an enclosed deer park around 800 years ago, was also the home of Lady Jane Grey in the 1500s.

There are many woodland walks and other local walks including the Fossil trail at Barrow upon Soar.

Loughborough Canal walk
Bradgate Park

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