Photographic Equipment

Just a bit of information below on the kinds of cameras we used over the years

We try not to carry a lot of photographic equipment with us.

It is our holiday after all and we want to enjoy and experience the place without feeling weighed down by excess baggage. Our holidays are not purely about taking photos, they help chronicle our experiences and cement our memories.

Other ways to show your photos

We not only load our photos onto this website, in fact we only show a small amount of them on our website. We also create photo albums for us to show our friends and family. Our favourite photo album company is Bob books but there are other companies creating photo albums. We like Bobs Books software because it is really easy to use and the final book really does justice to our photos, they have a feel of expensive ‘coffee table’ lifestyle books.

The cameras we have used over the years are Fuji Finepix F610, Nikon D80, Nikon 7100 and Fuji X10.

Click on the links if you would like to see the latest range of Nikon or Fuji cameras.