A medieval hill town in the heart of Tuscany

A medieval hill town in the heart of Tuscany

Siena, a medieval hill town in the heart of Tuscany, is a very interesting place to visit. Not only for the history and the Contrade but for the amazing medieval architecture in the heart of the town. We were there only a few hours to explore but we were captivated by the place.

The Piazza del Campo is a great meeting place, or just somewhere to chill out and watch the world go by. While we are there a couple had just got married and the husband took his new wife for a ride around the Piazza on his Vespa. All the people in the piazza cheered and clapped, the atmosphere was amazing. A very special place, shame we couldn’t stay longer.

The maze of medieval streets and alleyways are exciting to explore. The town is divided up into different Contrade or neighbourhoods. Each neighbourhood expresses its own identity with painted street lights, banners and flags in the Contrade colours.

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